Having made the decision to go backpacking, selling all of our belongings, moving out of our house and letting family know, we were 100% sure we wanted to travel. As time has gone on, the thought of giving up everything we have and a fantastic career with future opportunities, the thought of not seeing friends and family for a long time, the delay in owning our own place, having to start a career from scratch has put an element of doubt in our mind.

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binary options brokers demo account We have discussed this at length and established that doubt over our decision is perfectly normal. Whilst the thought of backpacking around the world brings with it a massive element of excitiment and has been a dream for a long time, we are having to give up something. Nothing comes for free and whilst there isn’t a actual price tag on this decision in terms of money, there is a price to travelling. The price varies depending on your situation, it could be low, it could be high but you have to figure out if it is a price you are worth paying.

858b37bb96357931789cc6de2cf20039 We intend to pay the price and take the gamble, life is worth living and gambles are worth taking. It is normal to have doubts and this will help you to evaluate whether you really want to travel. We still have 8 months to go until we travel and I am sure this won’t be the last time we question what we are doing.

diovan espanol online opzioni binarie 120 secondi pdf If you have been through this, your experience would be useful, please share this with us.

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  1. rencontre ikea My wife and I decided to do the same thing. We sold our house last year and have been saving ever since. There are still doubts but we are so excited to see the world. We think it’s worth it. Every time I think about leaving our jobs I think about being much older and regretting not taking this trip. That’s a regret I don’t want. Isn’t that a saying? You’ll regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did. Good luck on your trip!

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  2. go to link Hey Edgar and thanks for visiting our site! Personally I think some days you’ll have doubts and some days you’ll have absolutely zero doubts. It’s a big decision to sell up and go travel but like you said, we all get older and the chance to travel the world gets slimmer. You never know what’s round the corner!! I absolutely love that saying and speaking to older people, they all say the same thing!


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