buy finast 5mg online Unexpectedly, we have been asked already whether we would like to review products relating to travelling and backpacking. On the surface, this sounds great, free things! Underneath the surface, how does this impact on our credibility and does this match with why we are making a website?

follow url We have given this some thought and made the decision that we will review products as they arise but on the condition that we will only write accurate reviews, if its not any good we will say so and if its great, why wouldn’t we want others to know about it?

go to site To ensure we are always transparent, we will state at the beginning whether we have been paid or given the product free to review to ensure we are not deceiving anyone. We will also always ensure the thoughts are our own and not influenced by the fact we have it free or are being paid. We will always summarise with whether we would actually buy it or not as this is ultimately the indicator.

We are trying to travel the world after all and very penny really does count. Hopefully some of the items we want to buy will be offered to us to trial, no that would be a bonus!

We already have a lot of stuff ready to travel and we will review these as appropriate, we don’t think you want us to review a pair of socks for example but items such as backpacks etc may be useful. We will state this is not being paid for so you know.

Please let us know how you feel about this, ultimately this site is for others to use as an information tool so if this isn’t what you want, let us know.


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