What are the best destinations in India for solo Backpackers?  India is a country travelled by one and all to cherish the beauty of the land and the adventures it has to offer. Solo travelling has picked up immensely in the nation and has seen large number of students and youngsters going out on vacations to explore the wild.  

Solo travelling is another realm of travelling. It doesn’t involve the huge baggage, which is a misconception, and thus makes the entire journey much easier. Being alone gives you plenty of time to clear your thoughts and explore only the places that interest you, something which wouldn’t be possible if you were travelling with a bunch of friends or with your better half.

So, we did our research and found out the best places for solo travellers and made a list about them!

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The circuit of Shimla to Manali through the Spiti and Lahaul valley in the Himchal Pradesh is one of the lesser travelled roads of the country, making it one of the most ideal destinations for solo travellers. Perfect with lakes, treks and snow-capped mountains, the region is camping friendly to travellers. At other locations through the journey, home-stays are well-known for their hospitality thus making the trip memorable and yet low budget.


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Home to the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala and Mc Leod Ganj are the two towns famous among travellers seeking some isolation from the cities and their monotonous lives. Numerous waterfalls and treks through the dense forests of the Himalayan range will clear your old non-useful thoughts and pave the way for new purer thoughts which will keep you fresh and re-energized when you get back to your daily life.

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Though a barren land full of sand, the town of Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan features on every backpacker ‘must visit’ list. With a large number of forts in just a 60 kilometre radius, the town has become pretty famous for the safaris and sand dunes. The Pakistan border about 40 kilometres from the town also becomes a definite spot for visitors who do visit Jaisalmer.

  • Goa


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The party powerhouse of the Indian economy is the city of Goa and calls for every backpacker to celebrate its beauty. Though majorly known for its extravagant hotels and for burning a hole in your pockets, Goa has some of the cheapest accommodations and party destinations for those willing to explore. The white beaches and the cruises are those that call for solo travelling along with the networking opportunities at these parties!

  • Leh – Ladakh

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Popular for the intensity of the roadways and the extremely tough terrain, Leh and Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir are on the ‘to – do’ list of most roadsters. The hard conditions and the extremely difficult lifestyle prepares man for the toughest of the challenges he might face during his endeavours, thus making it an ideal destination for solo travellers who don’t have to worry about co-travellers or their huge bag of clothing.

  • Parvati Valley

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Emerging into the limelight are the small towns along the Parvati Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. With towns like Kasol, Tosh and Kheerganga amongst many others, the valley has seen an increase in tourism by backpackers and youngsters from around the world. The region is also known to produce the best of the psychedelic drugs known to the Indian community and grown mostly in the wild.

  • Wayanad

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Amidst the hills of the Western Ghats in the state of Kerala is the small town of Wayanad, the least populated district in the entire state. Beautiful in terms of picturesque locations and isolated in terms of population, Wayanad is the perfect getaway place for any backpacker. With numerous trails for trekking and waterfalls for relaxation, it calls to become the best backpackers’ destination in the south. Several accommodation facilities have come up and are relatively low priced with amazing views from the bedrooms.

Travelling light has always been a thing, and when you do, you save a ton of cash and a lot of effort. Backpackers are the most carefree travellers because they have so few things to worry about and thus enjoy the enthralling beauty to the fullest!

About the Author:

Rohit, an extensive traveller and a solo backpacker himself, travels to the remotest of the places in India in an attempt to explore the beauty that awaits being explored. He writes about his encounters at Trans India Travels for anyone with a similar interest.


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