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Don’t just be a tourist, be a traveler! The thing that separates travelers from tourists is the fact that travelers experience the essence of the culture they’re visiting, they feel what the locals feel and they experience the pleasures and all that constitutes their daily lives as much as possible.

This doesn’t only imply that you should go where the locals go and witness all the pleasures they enjoy, but also try to experience the familiar feeling that those people have and that makes the place feel like home. To feel like a real Sydneysider and experience the city for what it truly is, keep on reading.

Stay with a Local

First of all, hotels are designed for tourists. With their huge building complexes and generic designs, they’re built to please anyone and make them feel right at home in one of their rooms. That is no way to experience the true Aussie lifestyle, so make sure that you rent a room at a local’s place, or even rent an entire apartment. The owner might not be a tour guide, but he or she can give you some wonderful insights that will have you cruising through the city like a real local.

Experience the Local Food

You can definitely check out some upscale restaurants, but that is rarely where you will experience the true taste of Australia, as not many locals visit those places that often. Instead, check out those secluded, off main road places the locals love, and for which their cuisine is famous for, like the infamous Australian beef.

Being a friendly people they typically are, you can visit The Taste Of Sydney and ask for some delicious homecooked recipes the locals will gladly share, so you can cook them at home like a true Aussie. also don’t forget to pack your lunch and head over to the Royal Botanic Garden for a picnic under the sun.  There always seems to be a food festival in Sydney so make sure you check out whats on in Sydney.  There are also numerous markets and farmers markets such as central park which often showcase locals food and many offer free samples!

Head to the Beach

With its average 300 days of pure sunlight, Australia is the place to walkabout! First, head on straight to the beach and take your shoes off, after all, you didn’t travel across the world not to walk barefoot on the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Be sure to dip your toes into the crystal clean ocean water and hop into the deep blue sea to experience the intoxicating charms of the Sydney seaside. Then head on out, and work on that tan!  Most tourist visit Bondi but be sure to check on Coogee and Manly which are easy to get too and there are more eateries to choose from when you get peckish!

Experience the Culture

While you definitely have to check out the Opera house, there is so much more to Sydney, with its vast number of festivals, theaters, concert halls, and museums. Be sure to ask the locals what the cultural must-sees are, and head on straight to experience as many artistic wonders as you can that make this city the cultural epicenter of the world!

Check out the Local Hangouts

Be sure to ask some of the locals about their favorite places to hang out, usually they will have a mind-spinning view of the coast line or the city. You can head on down to the local’s favorite Sydney cafe early on when the sun is just about ready to call it in for the day and reserve your seat to one of nature’s most beautiful sights.

What’s Sydney Without its Nightlife?

If you want to experience the town like a local, you have to party like a local. This is one of the rare opportunities to have the night of your life, so make the most of it. Follow the locals on their tour around town from pre-club drinks at Darlinghurst, straight to the clubs at George Street. With an enormous number of nightlife experiences at your disposal, Sydney has something for everyone.


With this local’s guide through Sydney, you can skip all the fancy hotel pamphlets and have a true down under experience in a city that never rests, one that is raw and powerful, beautiful and sophisticated, a city that will steal your heart.



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