If you are thinking of going on a Dubai Desert Safari, check out this guest blog by Sagar who has given some great hints and tips on getting the most out of the experience.

One of the best things you can treat yourself to is the absolutely thrilling desert safari in Dubai. Morning Safari, Evening Safari, or Overnight Safari – take your pick – each one has its delights. The moment you step away from the bustling city and onto the red sand dunes of the desert, you’ll know you’re in another world. An ancient world, a world of battles long ago, of mysteries, of many romances, of incredible adventures!

The desert doesn’t tell tales; it buries all its secrets under its ever-shifting sands. But if you were to listen quietly, in the silent hours of dawn, you just might hear what this mystical ancient land whispers to the air. Once you’ve heard it, the voice of the desert will never leave you. You’ll hear its silent siren call all through your life, and long to return to its sands again, and again, and again.

Morning Desert Safari Adventures

A morning desert safari is the perfect adventure for you if you don’t have much time to spare.

Experience Traditional Arab Hospitality

You will be picked up at your hotel at 9 A.M, and taken to the desert campsite along picturesque routes. At the campsite, cold towels are pressed into your hands and a cool sherbet shakes the heat off. Sweet dates help you regain your energy, as you relax on silk cushions till you’re ready for your adventure to begin.

Desert Adventures!


  • An Exciting Camel Ride: A full hour’s ride on a camel, all decked up in traditional harness, brass and wooden beads clinking away. If you want, you can dress in traditional Bedouin costumes too. Gosh, won’t you feel as though you’re out to fight another desert tribe for water rights?
  • Quad Biking: How about a riding through the dunes on an ATV? If speed is your thing, quad biking is just what you need.
  • Dune Bashing: Off-roading on the dunes in a 4-wheeler will really get your adrenalin up. When you’re at the top of the dune, you’ll feel as though your vehicle is going to tip over at any point!
  • Sand Boarding: Sliding down from tall, soft sand dunes on a board is adventure of a different order.
  • Sand Skiing: Pull on a pair of skis, some goggles and ski down from the tallest dunes. The soft sands will embrace you if you fall, so have no fear of injury!

Hotel Drop-off

You’ll be dropped back at your hotel when your morning desert safari ends, full of exotic memories of your desert adventure.

Evening Safari Adventures

An evening safari is your best chance to experience the splendor of a desert sunset. You’ll be picked up at your hotel in the afternoon, with stops at various Kodak spots.

Watch The Divine Sunset

There’s no sight in this world to match that of a beautiful desert sunset. Watch open-mouthed as the burning red ball slowly sinks over the horizon. Waves of color wash over the sky and the desert dunes – vivid reds give over to oranges and then to pale mauve, leading up to dark blues and purples.

Live It Up On The Dunes

Even as the huge red ball disappears over the dunes, you’ll be ready for some desert adventures. The first will be a vigorous ride on a desert camel, followed by sand boarding, dune bashing, dune driving and others. If you want to, you can pay for additional desert adventures such as quad biking, sand skiing and others.  Walk out into the desert and take photographs wherever your muse takes you.

Live Like A Sheikh

When you’re done with your adventures for the day, pull on some traditional Arabian robes and relax on silk cushions in a typical Bedouin-like tent. Let the pretty Arabian girls paint soothing henna designs on your palms or feet. Smoke a shisha, munch on some dates and drink the exotic Arabian coffee. Dinner is a delicious barbecue of various meats; vegetarian options are usually available. End your adventure with a delightful belly dancing performance around the campfire by starlight. You’ll be taken back to your hotel in the night, flooded with wonderful memories of being a Bedouin Sheikh for one evening.

Overnight Desert Safari Adventure

An overnight desert safari is a romantic adventure.  You can either sign up for an overnight adventure or extend your evening safari for overnight stay in the desert. Your safari begins in the afternoon, and you’ll enjoy all desert adventures along with evening safari guests.

Experience The Magical Night Desert

The true magic of the overnight safari happens after you’ve had your dinner. As the silent night settles in around you, you’ll experience not just the beauty, but the tranquility of the desert. Watch as the stars come out one by one in a pitch black desert sky. Watch the dunes throw off large, mysterious black shadows under the starlight. Watch as the desert turns into a magical landscape, where the undulating dunes seem to be moving gently with time.

Go Exploring

Here’s a chance to breathe in the simple but ancient beauty that surrounds you for miles and miles.  Put on night goggles, grab night lamps and explore the desert on a camel. You’ll feel as though you’ve done this before, in another birth.

Spend The Night Under The Stars

You can sleep inside the tent, or camp out on the dunes by yourself. Either way, it’ll be the most romantic experience of your life, and we dare you to sleep even for a single minute.


The desert patiently awaits each traveler, ready to exert its powerful magic on anyone who dares to step on it.  The desert is timeless and has a long history; much has been lost and buried there – more than the histories tell us. If you consider the fact that the deserts of this world were once oceans, you’ll begin to understand the depth of this ancient land’s mystery.

Sagar Bio

Sagar is a foodie by heart who also loves to explore places on his own. He wants to convert his hobbies into profession and even aspires to open his own travel website along with a Chinese restaurant.


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