Today we feature a guest post from Diana, a full time mom of two beautiful girls, great animal lover and a passionate traveler.

With June already here, it’s time to think about summer vacations. Australia is a fascinating country that has a lot to offer, regardless of whether you’re coming for a brief weekend or you plan on spending a couple of weeks here. Depending on what kind of vacation you prefer, there are different parts of Australia that you simply have to see. Secluded beaches and crowded cities are both charming, and it’s up to you to explore its beauties and see for yourself.

Get to know Sydney

While Sydney isn’t the capital city of Australia, it’s the capital of New South Wales and it’s incredibly popular among tourists. It’s truly an iconic feature of Australia and it has its own pace that makes people fall in love with it.

With Sydney being one of the most popular cities in the world, failing to visit it would be like you came to Australia and missed to see koalas and kangaroos – you would miss an incredible city that has a lot to offer. All year long, there are festivals, concerts, and plays worth seeing, but besides, Sydney has plenty of other attractions to offer. Make sure you take time to visit the Taronga Zoo, Bondi Beach, and Royal Botanic Gardens. Sydney also recently redeveloped the Darling Harbour, and if you go there, you will be able to visit the Australian National Maritime Museum. The museum offers a wonderful overview of Australia’s seafaring vessels and maritime history.

Beautiful and urban – Melbourne

As anyone will be willing to tell you, Melbourne is an urban city where the things happen pretty fast. A place which you simply cannot overlook is the Crown Casino, and even if you don’t gamble, it’s a great place to visit. The inside is spacious and incredibly luxurious, and if you don’t really like gambling, you can always have a nice dinner in one of the restaurants.

The downtown has a lot to offer; contrasting old Victorian buildings there are modern ones: museums, cinemas, and sports stadiums. For those coming to Melbourne for the first time, visiting the Observatory is a must. It’s located at the very top of Melbourne Observation Deck, which happens to be the highest building in the city. You will be able to have a nice 360-degree view of the entire city and suburbs.

Explore Daintree rainforest

Just when you thought that you’d never get rid of cities and concrete, a place like Daintree rainforest comes up. Placed far in the northern Queensland in a Daintree national park, this rainforest is truly a hidden gem. It happens to be Australia’s largest rainforest, and in it, you’ll be able to see plenty of reptiles, frogs, bats, and butterflies. What is more, approximately one-fifth of Australia’s native bird species live there, so this is a great chance for bird-lovers to see and learn something new. If you happen to like an adrenaline rush, we suggest you take a crocodile boat tour and go on one of the popular mangrove adventure tours. There are several animal sanctuaries here, and if you’re an animal- and nature-lover, this is the place of your dreams.

Have an active holiday at Randwick City

Also known as the Sports Coast, the City of Randwick has become the centre for those who enjoy active vacations. One of the activities which the place offers is a beautiful coastal walk as well as a bush walk through Botany Bay national park. For those with more adventurous spirit, there are surfing and sailing clubs, as well as a chance to get to know the underwater world through scuba diving and snorkelling. You will easily find comfortable Randwick serviced apartments since it’s a tourist place bursting with activity.

Australia has a reputation as a place with the most dangerous animals in the world, but this amazing country can offer even more to a traveller who is willing to explore. Extraordinary landscapes and sunsets on beaches that steal your breath away present a lovely opportunity to relax after spending a lot of time in the city. On the other hand, Australian cities are laid-back and the people are welcoming and friendly, so you will not feel like you’ve travelled too far from your home.



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