If you are looking for the top 5 cycling trips in India, our guest blog by Rohit will provide you with 5 breathtaking cycle routes around India. 

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Cycling, according to me, is one of the purest forms of exercise. It is also one of the earliest. I remember, as little children, with all my friends, we would take our bicycles out and just roam around the neighbourhood and feel so independent.

So once again, clean those bicycles, put your helmet on, feel the adrenaline rush through you and ride along. Cycling is the cheapest way to travel, to explore those destinations where cars cannot reach. It is safe too and one of the best ways to take some time off your busy schedules and spend some time with your loved ones.

India, being so vast and diverse, offers various routes to ride your bicycles. The wind in your hair, a river gurgling along your side, mountains looming forward and lush green trees alongside the road, just get going already!

Here, we give you the top 5 cycling routes India has to offer:

  1. Chennai To Pondicherry

The east coast of Tamil Nadu is always a pleasure to travel on. The roads are clean and the beaches are waiting for you. It is one of the safest roads for amateur travelers. Pondicherry also has many sights to see. The road stretches 174 kms. It will take 48 hours maximum to travel. You can follow the road starting from Chennai to Mahabalipuram and then to Auroville and finally to Pondicherry.

If you are planning to visit Pondicherry, check: http://www.transindiatravels.com/pondicherry/10-places-to-visit-in-pondicherry/

  1. Mumbai To Alibaug

Alibaug is situated 110 kms from Mumbai.  Alibaug can be reached by ferry too. So you can load up your bikes in the ferry and then ride from there. The beautiful beaches, heritage temples and old forts will easily make you forget the congested lifestyle and traffic of Mumbai. In Alibaug, you can try some mouth-watering Konkani dishes, visit the beaches and indulge in some water sports or just sunbathe and laze around. Other places around Mumbai, one could visit for a weekend getaway are:


  1. Gangtok To Darjeeling

The relaxing atmosphere, soothing chants of monasteries, the player flags, small villages and vast tea estates, you can experience all of this from only one ride from Gangtok to Darjeeling. You will also get the opportunity to ride alongside the Teesta river. It will take 2 days to complete this tour. The best time to make this trip is during the months of March and April, the weather is very serene and pleasant then. To continue reading about Darjeeling: http://www.transindiatravels.com/west-bengal/darjeeling/tourist-places-to-visit-in-darjeeling/

  1. Pune To Panshet Dam

This route can be a little challenging to amateur riders. The trail goes through Sinhagad Fort (a must visit) which is a little uphill, so you will have to muster all your strength for this trip. Panshet dam is surrounded by green hills and monsoon will be the best time to visit here. The water of the dam flows into Mutha River. In the evening, you will be able to catch the most glorious sunset here. The trip is about 100 kms and can take up to two days. You can turn it into an overnight weekender. For more facts about tourist places in Pune, click: http://www.transindiatravels.com/maharashtra/pune/tourist-places-to-visit-in-pune/

  1. Manali To Leh

The most grueling, the most beautiful and the most adventurous cycle trip ever is to Leh Ladakh. An amazing 500 kms, the durations of this trip depends on your time availability.  You will need to prepare a lot, exercise and plan properly. You will journey through Rohtang, Lachung La and Tanglal La passes and witness clear blue skies and mountains all the way.  Walk among the Zanskar and Ladakh mountain ranges; experience the snow and cold winds. If you are planning a trip to Leh Ladakh with your friends, consider: http://www.transindiatravels.com/jammu-and-kashmir/leh/tourist-places-to-visit-in-leh-laddakh

Cycling trips can be a fun way to distress and take a break from life. Make sure you carry all the right gear and equipments and most importantly, a comfortable bicycle. Health comes first. A safe trip is more important than an adventurous one. Different routes, scenic beauty, peaceful places, calmness, what more will you need?

Author Bio:

The author Rohit writes for http://www.transindiatravels.com/. Cycling is one of his many hobbies and he loves riding on all kinds of terrains.



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